9 Stranger Ways Your Dachshund Express Their Undying Love For You

2-He chooses to spend time with you

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Humans and dogs can, on a basic level, understand each other’s emotional responses. And dogs like to spend time with humans because dogs love us. Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson writes in the book, Dogs Never Lie About Love, that “once a dog loves you, he loves you always, no matter what you do, no matter what happens, no matter how much time goes by.”.

3-He tries to follow your rules

The dog itself wants to give out love.” Dogs, like humans, seem to have multiple types of intelligence. Some show empathy. Others excel at communication. Yet others have great memory. And some show exceptional reasoning skills. You might want your dog to be smart. But the New York Times notes that smart dogs aren’t always fun to live with. So if your dog is eager to please you and tries to obey your rules, you know your dog loves you — even if he isn’t the smartest animal on the block.

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