Who are the people covered under the Star Group Health Insurance? The people mentioned below belong to this health insurance scheme. They are entitled for a certain medical assistance based on their income and other requirements.

People earning more than a hundred per cent of the monthly salary of the person and who do not depend upon any other source of income should opt for the Health Insurance scheme of Star Group. This health group is also known as the Profit Sharing Insurance Plan. Under this plan, the employers of an organization are entitled to claim payments from the employee of that organization if they suffer an accident during the course of employment. The employer should also pay the costs of medical assistance to the employee who has an accident within three days of the accident. There are certain things which are covered under the Star Group Health Insurance scheme.

The employers are required to give a certificate of coverage to their employees. The certificate of coverage should state the type of insurance coverage that is being provided by the employer. This insurance plan provides coverage for particular injuries and accidents up to a limit. Certain specific expenses are also paid by the employers of the organization. These include expenses made necessary by the employee for treatment of his injury and any outpatient surgery.

Under the group insurance plans of Star Group health, the employers are required to give their employees accident coverage. Accidents like slip and fall, trip and fall, head injury, fractured bones and any other kind of physical injury are covered under this scheme. The employees are also entitled to dental insurance. The employer is also liable for paying the entire cost of dental procedures such as cavity filling, x-ray, root canal, tooth extraction and crowns. Certain treatments like physiotherapy are also not paid by employers.

Under a group health insurance plan of the employers, the sum insured is equal to the amount which is the lesser of the cash wages of the employee and the average annual salary of the employee. Thus, the employers are eligible for the sum insured and are not liable to pay anything additional to the employee. It is important for you to understand that the policy provides coverage only for an accident. The policy provides no coverage for diseases or ailments.

It is important for you to choose a Star group health plan as it offers you with a wide variety of benefits. It covers your whole family including your children. You will get a sum assured for any kind of medical expenses in the long run. The policy provides coverage for dental care too. If the member of the family suffers from an illness then the members of the family will be made eligible for any kind of medical expenses.

One of the best ways to find the right policy is to go through a website. Such a site provides you with the freedom to compare different policies and their rates. After comparing, you can choose one that suits your needs best. You can opt for inflation reduction or you can choose a policy that provides coverage for pre-existing conditions. However, the best way to find the right policy is to talk to the people around you.

The main benefit of such group plans is that they enable employees to escape high premiums on individual health insurance policies. You can also ask your employees to opt for this. As it is a collective plan, the employers will not have to pay individually for each and every individual. The cost of group insurance plans is much lower than individual policies.