‘They take up your entire bed’: 12 signs dachshunds are the evil geniuses of the dog world.

2. They take up your entire bed, despite being a fraction of your size.

dachshund miniature black and tan
Say goodbye to your bed. Image: Supplied.

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This Glorious Mess

If you’ve ever tried to sleep with a dachshund, you will know all too well they somehow manage to take up the entire bed despite being… tiny.

They’ve mastered sleeping horizontally, forcing you to the edge of the bed, to the point where you’re probably going to fall off.

It must be mathematically impossible but they’ve obviously figured it out.

3. They don’t play with other dogs at the park, they observe them.

Dachshunds don’t ‘play’. They ‘observe’. Other dogs are beneath them.

They laugh at them when they follow orders from their owners. ‘FOOLS!’ they scream in their tiny heads.

The other dogs try to come up to them and encourage them to play, sometimes they bring them gifts in the form of sticks.

Still, nothing works while they are perched up on a bench, away from all of the other ordinary dogs playing on the grass.

Grass is for peasants. Dachshunds sit high above with the humans.

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