‘They take up your entire bed’: 12 signs dachshunds are the evil geniuses of the dog world.

7. They will let you dress them in silly little clothes, but it hurts their pride.

dachshund miniature black and tan
Yes, of course they are cold. Image: Supplied.

Yes, they will let you dress them up in little tutus for their birthday and coats in winter because surely they are cold.

They will let you put t-shirts on them with silly slogans like “Merry Christmas B*tches”.

But will they like it? No. And they will let their feelings be known in the form of a death stare.

8. They will ignore you when you tell them something they don’t like.

If they are in trouble, dachshunds turn on their selective hearing and run in the other direction.

If you really have a go at them (like when they’re destroying your favourite cushion and scattering the remains across the living room) they will take it a step further by ignoring you and denying you cuddles.

All of a sudden, your sausage dog has you begging them instead of the other way around.

Well played sausage dogs, well played.

9. They will keep guard of the house against all intruders, not for you, but for themselves.

dachshund miniature black and tan
This is where you will always find your dachshund. Image: Supplied.

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